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We are a Colombian Company of Industrial Property with more than 41 years of experience. We offer our services in Latin America, the United States and Europe and throughout the world.

We specialize in legal advice of Industrial and Intellectual Property rights in Latin America, with which we have a common culture and language, being able to affirm that thanks to these years of work we have considerable expertise to develop IP in our countries.

Likewise, we offer our services of Industrial Property in the United States, Europe and the world, where we have allies complying with our experience, ethics and quality standards.

Our main office is located in Bogotá and we have offices in Medellín, Pereira and allies in the main cities of Colombia. Aware of the growth and evolution of companies in the time, we may say that these are our strengths and achievements to pursuit day by day:

Experience: Having worked in IP over 41 years allows us to offer our clients an integral approach and quality service. During year 2015 we became one of the first ten companies that requested more brands and new creations in Colombia (Patents, Utility Models) according to the SIPI’s data. (Formerly SIC)

Ethics: We are committed to carry out a professional work always based on ethical principles.

Knowledge:In addition of knowing the regulations, we try to study and code the jurisprudence coming from the High Courts, (Superior Courts, Justice Courts, Supreme Court of Justice, Andean Court of Justice, Council of State) in topics related to Industrial and Intellectual Property and those such as unfair competition.
We also investigate failures both administrative and judicial regarding restrictive commercial practices related to the Consumer’s Statute.
We are member of different international associations in the area of Industrial and Intellectual Property attending to meetings and congresses in a regular basis to get an updated knowledge about the changes in the world as for IP.

Support in Technology: We have the technical resources in IP to manage all our processes in a more efficient and controlled manner.

Efficiency and carefully atention: We offer an agile service, based on our experience with passion and devotion for what we do to assist you in the development of your business.


El trabajo en IP durante más de 41 años nos permite ofrecer a nuestros clientes un enfoque integral y servicio de  calidad. En el 2015 estuvimos entre las diez primeras firmas que más solicitaron marcas y nuevas creaciones en Colombia.

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